RAIN Notes: Tuesday, March 26

Jottings of note:


London’s BBC has announced its intent to run ads in some podcast feeds — specifically, those feeds playing on open RSS feeds. Listening to the same podcasts on the proprietary BBC Sounds app will continue to be an ad-free experience. Interesting on the face of it, this news is all the more intriguing when analyzed by James Cridland — he does that HERE, offering several interesting (unanswered) questions.


Packed With Pods

Katz Digital is introducing “PodPacks” — curated themed collections of shows. Mother’s Day, Baseball Season, Roadtrips & Travel, Spring Gardening, and Outdoor Entertaining are a few of them. Katz calls these “Unique, curated podcast collections […] designed to enable our advertisers to showcase their authentic brand voice.”




London based Mara Negri, who has served on the board at European Broadcaster Exchange (EBX) since mid-2021, has been elevated to CEO, while maintaining her board seat. She also sits on the board at Dr Podcast Ltd. Her past executive roles have taken her through MEDIAMOND, Yahoo, Publieurope, and Microsoft Advertising in Italy.




March 26, 2024

Brad Hill