RAIN Notes: Monday Feb. 22


“Live Streaming in the COVID Era,” an AIMP webinar, is on Thursday (2/23) at 5:30 ET. It’s about revenue and rights, moderated by Arthur Levin. Registration is free HERE.

Thoughts on Timed  Audio

Dan Misener of Pacific Content posted a column about Apple’s “Time To Walk” audio feature. Dan expands the idea to music, and why activity-based audio could be important to brands. READ

Podcast Discovery

Metronome, the Malaysia-based podcast landing page provider, has launched a new Episode Reminder feature to encourage listeners moving sideways in a podcast to hear other episodes. LINK


Lori Lewis, well known social marketing exec in audio, and Rob Wagman’s Straight Path Media + Marketing have partnered. Not exactly a merger, each is still reachable: lori-at-lorilewismedia.com & straightpathmande – at – gmail.com

— Monday, February 22

Brad Hill