RAIN Notes: Thursday, February 17

Jottings of note:


Helping Or Hurting

“The deals are getting more complicated. The businesses are getting more complicated.” That’s Oren Rosenbaum, had of audio at talent agency UTA and quoted by The Hollywood Reporter, talking about the allure of podcasting to celebrities, and the demand for stars from podcasts. Much of the celeb/podcast market involves high-cost exclusive distribution or ownership deals. They can “end up helping or hurting a podcast,” the article says. READ 


Pitch Guide

We hear from Apple about a new guide for podcasters — not about production or overall business strategy, but about how to pitch a podcast to Apple Podcasts for promotion: Four ways to optimize your request for Apple Podcasts promotion. It steps podcasters through the process, with tips for optimizing the pitch. “We hope this helps inform more creators about how to get in touch with us, leads to great promotional opportunities — particularly for new, independent, and otherwise underrepresented creators,” the company says. See the guide HERE.



“Meteoric rise” and “One of the hottest trends for brand strategy.” What is it? Sonic branding, or the strategic use of music, voice and sound to articulate a brand’s identity. A deep article in CMO delves into the once-exotic, now-more-recognized field. Set aside some time, or brush up your skimming skill. READ

— Thursday, February 17

Brad Hill