RAIN Notes: Wednesday, February 14

Jottings of note:


Royal Disagreement

Pandora has been served a lawsuit by the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC), which claims that the streaming service has failed to pay royalties for the use of recordings during 2021 and 2022. The lawsuit seeks to recover alleged non-payment and underpayment which the MLC says are due from Pandora Free — the non-interactive, lean-back portion of Pandora. According to Billboard, Pandra paid low royalty rates during an extended rate battle and lawsuit. When a final rate was determined, it appeared that Pandora had underpaid during that battle, and this suit seeks remedy. See the filed complaint HERE.


It’s A Lot

What if a Super Bowl advertiser made the same purchase in other media categories? A few answers: 10 million clicks in Candy Crush, 2.8 million clicks on in-feed TikTok ads, or 43.4 million clicks on Walmart Connect. What about podcasting? Bryan Barletta at Sounds Profitable asked Dave Hanley (CRO, AdvertiseCast) that question — how far would $7M would go in podcast ads? The answer is astonishing, especially in light of a Sounds Profitable study finding that most consumers are more willing to consider a product they heard about on a podcast ad. Get the astronomical answer and context HERE.


YouTube Has Entered

Steve Goldstein appears on Matt Cundill’s Sound Off podcast to discuss “The New Rules of Podcasting.” A key theme is making video versions of podcasts. “YouTube has now entered to the podcast chat and podcasters need to consider what (if any) their video strategy will be,” Cundill says in promoting the conversation. Listen or view HERE.


February 14, 2024

Brad Hill