Arabic pod platform Podeo partners with messaging app imo, massively increasing distribution

Podeo, the Dubai-based podcast hosting and distribution platform founded four years ago by CEO Stefano Fallaha, has forged a distribution partnership with imo, a global audio messaging app with 200-million active users across 170 countries.

Podcasters on Podeo are promised “seamless distribution” of their shows via imo’s voice messaging section. Activating this hook-up is a one-click process for podcasters.

Podeo has similar one-click connections with Apple, Spotify, and other distribution points. With this announcement, Podeo is marketing a “seamless” migration process from any existing host service. The company brags of an “unprecedented surge” in migrations, specifically noting Spotify-owned Anchor and Triton Digital-owned Omny.

Michael Makram, Head of Partnerships in MENA region at imo, said: “Partnering with Podeo, the largest podcast platform in the MENA, was a natural choice for us. This strategic partnership grants over 200+ million users instant access to a diverse range of high-quality podcasts directly within the imo app, further enhancing their overall experience.”

Brad Hill