RAIN Notes: Wednesday, January 12

Jottings of note:



Audio indexing and insights company Veritonic plans to host the Audio Intelligence Summit on March 1. The NYC conference is set up to be an annual event, and the company promises “never-before-seen data and insights.” Veritonic specializes in benchmarking the effectiveness of audio ad qualities such as tone, pacing, and keywords. No pricing or registration details yet.


Dewing It

AdLarge has acquired rights to sell the Honeydew Me podcast — a top-20 Apple chart podcast with 70 episodes in the catalog and 100,000 TikTok followers. The show is hosted by Emma Norman and Cass Anderson, who interview experts on women’s sexuality. This podcast seems ready for an ad rep deal; scrolling through a recent episode we could not find a single ad or sponsorship message.


Owning the Fail

Global-owned DAX has won the exclusive advertising partnership for How to Fail with Elizabeth Day, a popular show entering its 12th season. The podcast has served 25-million downloads since 2018, has a million listeners per month, and is targeted to 25-54-year-old women. It’s a two-year exclusive arrangement. Global recently acquired the Captivate hosting platform, which added 14,000 podcasts to the company’s advertising catalog.


Turning the Wheel

Larry Linietsky, formerly SVP and head of digital operations at Cumulus Media, is taking a sharp turn into a different career phase, joining boutique investment bank Oaklins DeSilva and Phillips in New York as a Managing Director. “With my background in digital music, podcasting, advertising, product and corporate development, this is a great firm to help move the industry forward,” he says. Linietsky was with Clear Channel and iHeaartMedia earlier in his career.

— Wednesday, January 12

Brad Hill