RAIN Notes: Tuesday, January 2

Jottings of note:


Profound Change

“Post-cookie deprecation, billions in programmatic ad spend will need to shift.” That’s the central message in a brief look into 2024 by DIGIDAY: How the digital ad industry is preparing for profound change in 2024. It’s a general piece, not specifically about audio advertising, providing a big-picture view of a tsunami change. The article forecasts that Google will execute a “forced, fast and complete transition away from the third-party cookie for targeting and measurement,” and it might happen within six months of the new year. More an alert than a prescription, the article generally forecasts that $123-billion is transacted in real-time programmatic advertising. Read more HERE.



Steve Keller, Sonic Strategy Director at Studio Resonate, a division of SXM Media, is promoting the Anthem Awards, where his group has a finalist slot. Each year, the Anthem Awards honors the purpose & mission-driven work of people, companies and organizations worldwide. It’s not virtue signaling, Steve emphasizes: “There’s some great work being done, and it needs to be emphasized.” Studio Resonate has pioneered the concept and measurement of sonic diversity and racialized listening. Read more from Steve HERE.


Recovered Share

Americans’ time spent listening to audio declined after 2014, until the Covid (presumably) revived it in 2021. That finding is from Edison Research’s Weekly Insight feature at the end of December. The dip went from 4:17 (hours:minutes) to 3:44 from 2014 through 2020. The last three years have seen a general upswing to nearly the 2014 starting point. “U.S. listeners 13+ still dedicate over a quarter of their waking lives to audio consumption,” Edison observes in a blog post. Read it HERE.


January 2, 2024

Brad Hill