RAIN Hotspots: the five most-read articles, April 28 – May 2

The five most-read articles this week in RAIN. Thanks for reading!

  1. kurt hanson canvasThe most-read piece this week was Kurt Hanson’s¬†newest blog post, in which he takes Pandora analyst Rich Greenfield to task for assertions Greenfield has made in his bearish coverage of Pandora stock.
  2. Brian Lakamp is Clear Channel’s head of digital and product owner of iHeartRadio. A wide-ranging conversation with RAIN yields many insights about iHeart strategy and focus.
  3. A radio group in Virginia goes to court to avoid webcast performance royalties, citing an aspect in the U.S. Copyright Act whhich stipulates a 150 mile radius that defines certain royalty exemptions. Geo-fencing now makes it possible to comply with the 150-mile boundary in webcasting.
  4. beats music logo canvasBeats Music has been in operation for 100 days, and CEO Ian Rogers takes stock with some commentary and an infographic. Unsurprisingly, he offers a positive perspective.
  5. Rdio upgrades its entire music library to a higher-quality digital file type, accommodating the hifi-streaming movement.

Brad Hill