RAIN Hotspots: March 16 – 22

The five most-read articles this week in RAIN. Thanks for reading!

  1. RIAA pie canvasIt was an intensive week for 2013 metrics news, with reports issued by the RIAA and the IFPI. The RIAA 2013 summary was the week’s most-read post. Streaming was reported to represent 21% of the American music business.
  2. The ASCAP vs. Pandora trial was also of interest this week, with three related articles all gaining strong interest. RAIN analyzed how much money Pandora will save following the court decision, which refused to allow ASCAP to raise royalty rates.
  3. ASCAP vs Pandora canvasFor the first time, one of our Pureplay of the Day selections landed in Hotspots. this one is DeepClassicCuts radio.
  4. In the #4 spot was the announcement of the court verdict in the ASCAP vs. Pandora trial.
  5. More ASCAP/Pandora analysis — after reading the court’s official ruling document, it became clear tha federal judge Denise Cote didn’t buy any of ASCAP’s key arguments.

Brad Hill