Radionomy stations join the Sonos home-speaker system

radionomy logo july 2014Internet radio service Radionomy announced today that its platform of independent stations have been added to Sonos, the wireless speaker system.

Sonos is a market-leading contender in the increasingly important wireless-speaker category, having been a first-mover in filling homes with streaming music. The Sonos sytem works with a smartphone app for controlling the streams. That app features built-in online audio brands, which group Radionomy has joined.

Sonos represents an important new distribution angle for Radionomy, which has had a busy year. After acquiring SHOUTcast and Winamp from AOL in January, Radionomy established a tight business relationship with ad network TargetSpot. These synergies bloomed recently when Radionomy re-launched SHOUTcast with TargetSpot integration for better monetization of 55,000 SHOUTcast stations.

SHOUTcast is not included in the Sonos distribution, but it’s a win-win-win for the Radionomy brand, Radionomy station owners, and the Sonos experience.

Brad Hill