Radio Everyone concludes with 250-million listeners across 117 countries

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James Mulvany, founder of

Radio Everyone, a “pop-up radio station” designed as an education and awareness project to promote United Nations Global Goals, has concluded its run with an impressive reach: 250-million listeners in 117 countries. It was created by Richard Curtis, founder of Comic Relief, and the project (called Project Everyone) was launched in May.

During over four months of lead-up to the seven-day broadcast period starting on October 2, the project solicited and received programming segments from radio stations, film celebrities, and musicians including Bono and Peter Gabriel. The content was syndicated to 600 traditional radio stations that opted into the project. At the same time, an online station, powered by carried the whole package. The UN goals were explicitly promoted as one-minute education spots every 15 minutes. founder James Mulvany said, “The success of Radio Everyone has shown how powerful this new concept of pop-up radio can be – using the internet platform allows DJs to connect from everywhere in the world, and broadcast globally. We were expecting the bulk of listeners to be in the western world, but the pop-up radio station had significant listener figures in Kenya, Jamaica, India and Pakistan amongst others.”

Broadcasting the pop-up station across many different national languages provided a tough challenge. “We wanted the broadcast so that wherever you were listening in the world, you would hear a language you were most familiar with,” said producer John Cranmer. “That was a key part of the project, but in terms of logistics it was a huge challenge.”

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Brad Hill