Quill’s CoHost unit launches Prefix, a platform-agnostic audience insights tool

There are nested brands in this story:

  • Quill is a podcast advertising agency.
  • CoHost is Quill’s analytics and audience insights platform.
  • Prefix is CoHost’s new data tool which provides audience insights to any podcast on any hosting platform.

“Prefix provides brands and agencies with enhanced podcast audience and performance data,” according to the press release. “Brands and agencies can enable the data made available by CoHost without changing hosting and distribution providers.”

At this time Prefix is delivering two main analytics features, which Quill describes as:

  • Advanced Audience Demographics offers extensive data on your podcast listeners including age, gender, household income, interests, social media habits and consumption, and family members. This information is then summarized in a user’s Listener Profile overview.
  • B2B Analytics: Companies & Industries allows brands to discover which companies are listening to their podcast including key characteristics like size, industry, average revenue, and location.

The company emphasizes the platform-agnostic capability, which enables brands and agencies to access CoHost features without changing their current hosting provider.

Tom Webster (Partner, Sounds Profitable) is a CoHost consultant, we learn today, and he observes: “Brands that produce their own podcasts have multi-faceted goals and measures for success – measures that simply counting downloads can’t provide. Incorporating prefix analytics, like those provided by CoHost’s Prefix, helps brands go beyond broad assumptions and gain genuine insight into their audience, and customers.”

Brad Hill