Quick Hits: YouTube funding fair use cases; the FCC and FM chips; Dash Radio’s tech tools

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

YouTube aiding in some fair use cases: YouTubers have faced many different types of legal activity over the years, and one of the latest serious charges against video creators is fair use. The video platform has decided to offer financial support for three of the creators currently facing legal action. The company said the creators it will back are using third-party content under the fair use allowances for commentary, criticism, news, and parody, The New York Times reported.

FCC commissioner voices support for FM chip activation: We’ve seen a lot of steps toward FM chip activation in smartphones recently, and today marks another one. FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel spoke in favor of activating the chips and their potential for sharing information in emergency situations. “There are market developments right now that are making these chips more available and we should encourage these industry discussions to continue,” she said.

Dash Radio’s multichannel technology: Dash Radio is still thriving despite the online radio competition. John Halterman, the company’s president of operations, penned an article for Radioworld that gave a look at the technology powering the radio project. It reads like an advertorial for ENCO, the system it uses for the multichannel programming, but it’s still interesting to delve into the tech side of streaming.

Anna Washenko