AdsWizz extends AdWave platform to Japan via TOKYO FM partnership

adswizz logo canvasAdWave, the global audio advertising platform created by AdsWizz, just got more global. The company has cut a partnership deal with TOKYO FM, Japan’s biggest broadcaster, to establish that country’s first digital audio ad market.

TOKYO FM will sell advertising on AdWave, allowing marketers to target inventory in the U.S. Europe, Latin America, and Asia. AdWave can segment audiences by location, device, demographics, and other profile categories.

“AdsWizz is thrilled to partner with TOKYO FM, a leader in the Japanese radio industry and a major actor across Asia,” said Alexis van de Wyer, AdsWizz CEO. “The combination of AdWave’s reach in Asia with TOKYO FM expertise in radio advertising sales will generate tremendous value for both publishers and Japanese advertisers.”

For TOKYO FM president Katsumi Chiyo, part of the deal value is an extension of influence for his broadcast company. “We are proud to announce that we will be involved in the creation of the digital audio ad market in Japan, taking another step towards our goal of having a global presence,” he said. “We are confident that we will successfully establish the market in Japan and expand it into Asia.”

TOKYO FM was founded in 1970, and owns 38 commercial FM stations.

Brad Hill