Quick Hits: Thefuture.fm’s finances; T-Mobile and net neutrality; dot-music domains at risk; Tango’s new music channels

Brief news and worthy reads from around the web:

Thefuture.fm’s artist payment system: SoundCloud made a splash by opening up a monetization program for its top tier of artists, but rival platform Thefuture.fm goes a step farther. Not only does this service pay DJs, but it also has royalties for the artists whose tunes are used in DJs’ mixes. [Digital Music News]

T-Mobile Music Freedom vs net neutrality: VentureBeat reviewed concerns about the intersection of T-Mobile’s Music Freedom plans and net neutrality. Rusty Hodge covered the same topic for RAIN News in June.¬†

Protest over dot-music domains: The Trichordist covered the concerns about non-musicians, especially tech conglomerates such as Google and Amazon, securing dot-music domain names and then upselling artists on those properties. The blog called on the industry to tell ICANN that those domains should be controlled by a neutral party.

Tango gets Rhapsody and SoundCloud: Messaging platform Tango has added two streaming services to its roster of content partners. Rhapsode and SoundCloud will now have Tango Channels, joining the ranks of Spotify, 8tracks, and Vevo. [Hypebot]

Anna Washenko