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Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

How much will customers pay to stream? Video streaming is in the midst of a big conversation around pricing. A poll found that customers are willing to pay between $10 and $16 a month for access to unlimited movies and TV without advertisements. The results are going to be important, as Netflix is about to raise its prices and Disney is preparing to launch its own industry-disrupting streaming service. Even though the focus here is on video, the audio services would be wise to observe how this pricing structure debate pans out.

Podcasts are the new blogs: Dennis Kirwan, CEO of marketing agency Dymic Digital, penned an article for Forbes encouraging companies to hop on the podcasting bandwagon. He drew comparisons to the blogging wave of the early 2000s, noting that both have the potential to reach customers with quality content. He added that transcription can provide a supplementary written component to reach more people.

Podcasts are the new video: An article in Digiday explored podcasts’ advertising models, positing that the audio offers more stability than video. Several of the stats it collected showed the potential that podcasts have to generate steady revenue. The Ringer said it exceeded $15 million in 2018 podcast ad sales in 2018. The Economist saw monthly revenue from podcast ads served by Acast increased by 50% during the year. “I am not saying that people should do podcasts instead of videos,” said Tom Standage, head of digital strategy and depute editor for The Economist. “I just think there is a viable ad model for podcasts, and I’m not convinced there is one for ad-based videos.”

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