Quick Hits: Spotify’s Serendipity; musicians’ streaming guide; digital music in Finland; how tablets tie into music

Brief news and worthy reads from around the web:

Spotify debuts Serendipity music map:¬†Spotify has released the work of its first media artist in residence, Kyle McDonald. The project is called Serendipity, and it’s a map of instances when listeners played the same song at the same time. [The Verge]

A musician’s guide to streaming: Paste released a round-up of some of the top streaming sites for new artists, including the pros and cons for six popular services. Unlike many of the opinion pieces making the rounds, this article aims for objectivity in discussing each of the platforms.

Digital music’s slow growth in Finland: While neighboring Sweden is a streaming music powerhouse, about 68 percent of Finns have never tried a single one of the services. That figure is from data collected by IFPI Finland.¬†[Helsinki Times]

How tablet market impacts music: Billboard examined how the trends within smartphones have impacted the sale of tablets. When the music industry was optimistic about tablets being a top mobile device for giving listeners an immersive experience, where does that leave mobile music?

Anna Washenko