Quick Hits: Mobile video research; a Spotify exclusive; Apple Music pricing in India

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

IAB research into mobile video: The Interactive Advertising Bureau released research into use of mobile video. The results showed that 36% of respondents watch videos that are 5 minutes or longer on their phones at least daily. Also U.S. respondents reported a 50% increase in their mobile video consumption, while those in Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa all showed a 42% increase.

A Spotify exclusive is business as usual: Premium subscribers to Spotify may have gotten a chance to hear a new song by the band Muse, but freemium listeners looking for it were out of luck. This doesn’t appear to be a new business model for the streaming platform, though; a Spotify rep said that this exclusive windowing was the result of a partnered promotion with PlayStation. “Access to the track should be seen as a unique offer within a wider bespoke marketing campaign with Sony PlayStation, rather than a broader shift in our content approach,” the rep said.

Apple’s international pricing rumors: Apple Music will cost $10/month in the U.S., but will launch with lower pricing in India, to match other services (including Rdio’s India product). A product leak indicates a monthly price of about $2/month.


Anna Washenko