Quick Hits: Explaining YouTube’s indie contract; Baboom’s new hire; Spotify’s Euro VP departure

Brief new items and worthy reads from around the web:

The YouTube/indie contract demystified: Much digital ink has been spilled about the recent news that YouTube might block videos for independent artists if they do not agree to participate in its planned music subscription service. The Wildcat blog offered a break-down of the legalese, including how the contract as it stands would be problematic for those indie musicians. It’s a useful explanation that gives insight into just how complex the digital music field is. [The Wildcat]

Baboom hires former label exec: The new music project from Kim Dotcom got a big industry addition in the form of Tony Smith. Baboom’s new CFO has a resume that includes time at Polygram, Zomba, BMG Music, BMG Publishing, and Sony. [Billboard]

Spotify’s European VP departs: Chris Maples, vice president of Europe at Spotify, has left the company after three years. [Hypebot]

Brad Hill