Quick Hits: Bop.fm’s tour info; Grooveshark’s new partnership; Twitch’s copyright debate

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Bop.fm adds tour info: Thanks to a partnership with Songkick, Bop.fm will include concert listings for artists who have verified pages. These pages also include the performer’s top songs and related artists. [Hypebot]

Grooveshark partners with Rocki: The streaming platform announced a deal with Rocki, a company that makes a solution for wirelessly streaming music to speakers. [Radio]

Twitch to mute copyrighted music in VODs: Video game livestream service Twitch announced that it will scan video-on-demand clips with audio recognition technology and will mute any that contain copyrighted music. The action demonstrates how complicated music rights have become as new digital tools emerge. Many streamers questioned why they should be muted in cases where they are streaming a game that includes a song that the developer legally licensed. [Forbes]

Anna Washenko