Pureplay of the Day: The Wise Choice

the wise choice

“A wide stream of great music awaits you,” the tagline of The Wise Choice promises. It is definitely wide. Today we heard obscure world music and classical guitar mixed up with Elton John and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Enya. Sting. Armik. Carole King.┬áIf you like your listening to leap over genre boundaries, you’ll have an enjoyable time with this station.

The website is semi-anonymous. The founder is unnamed, though there is an image of (presumably) her visage. We’re cool with the mystery. For one thing, it’s always about the music for us. For another, the mysterious vibe matches the philosophical written content in an accompanying blog, which ranges from religion to politics to metaphysics. (It’s called “The Why of the Way.”)

We expected New Age electronica when we first saw this station. Instead, it’s good music of many sorts, organized by someone with fine taste in several categories.

Brad Hill