Pureplay of the Day: Radio Oloron

oloron map 300wReluctantly leaving behind our POTD celebration of Beatlemania (see here and here), we needed something remarkable to distract us. A fresh stream of great and unexpected music.

We found the perfect stream to carry us away from cloying nostalgia: Radio Oloron. This French-originating stream is surprising, satisfying, and addictive. It reminds us of a former POTD pick, Radio Paradise — not because they play the same repertoire, but because each has great taste and introduces new music possibilities without becoming eccentric.

There is a dose of French music, but the programming is international. This morning we’re enjoying a reggae program. Last night we joined the stream in mid-Beatles. Couldn’t get away from it! But from there we heard French artists Raoul Petite, Nick Case & The Bad Seeds, Anne Paceo, Leon Thomas, Melissa Etheridge, and Labyrinth Bar. We reached for Shazam and SoundHound over and over to capture track info and tag songs for later investigation — the sign of a really good radio stream in this office.

The station website is in French. Google-translate it to read news about Oloron-Sainte-Marie, a town in southern France. Or, just pop out the player and soundtrack your day.

Brad Hill