Pureplay of the Day: Minimal Mix

We’re going small today. Anyone for whom Tuesday is a head-down, intense day at work will appreciate the steady beats and level dynamic range of Minimal Mix programming. If they like electronica, that is. This is music which provides a pulse, sonic wallpaper that can propel a productive day. The tempo might be too slow for the Red Bull set — this is marathon music, not sprinting music.

Most of the cuts heard on this Polish station are original (although submissions are encouraged — deep techno artists take note), and the site makes them available for download. The station creators also distribute their stuff on SoundCloud.

Streaming is a breeze on Minimal Mix’s elegant website, which, by the way, is a refreshing change from many 1998-era presentations of indie pureplay stations. The play button just works, on every platform we tried. (We did not find a pop-out option, though, which we prefer.)

Brad Hill