Pureplay of the Day: Classical Vermont

classical vermont logo

Located in Brandon, VT, classical Vermont is the purest of pureplays — simple, uncluttered, attractive, with good programming for fans of symphonic, chamber, and solo instrumental music.

Unlike some supposed classical stations which play New Age and instrumental music that rides on classical coattails without hewing to classical tradition or repertoire, Classical Vermont is straight-ahead, hardcore European and American art music. In a couple of hours of listening, we heard Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Bach, Macdowell, Beethoven, Couperin, Rossini, and Milhaud.

The website is not beleaguered with registration, social tools, or much of anything except for clean imagery and a list of the most recent 10 tracks. The station is supported by sponsors, and does not plead for listener donations.

Great music, pure and simple. Classical Vermont is one of the most refreshing pureplays you’ll ever find.

Brad Hill