Pureplay of the Day: Classic Deep Cuts

classic deep cuts 638w

Do you ever wish your classic rock station were … less classic? Obviously, lovers of the genre don’t mind hearing the same music over and over for years on end. But there is a deeper level to rock oldies that can result in a sweet moment of recognition: “Oh yeah! I haven’t thought about that song in ages!”

That’s the experience Classic Deep Cuts aims for, and hits it pretty well. The station is not dedicated to the obscure, by any means — today we’ve heard outright classics like “Brown Sugar” (the Stones), “Good Vibrations” (Beach Boys) ¬†and “We’re an American Band” (Grand Funk). But the stream can surprise you with an infrequently-heard live recording of a standard rock oldie, and frequently explores low-airplay tracks from albums of the 70s and 80s.

The default stream is 128k MP3, and the website offers a pop-up player — a required feature for POTD selection. There’s no site registration, requests, or community interaction. The playlist is live-tweeted at @ClassicDeepCuts — so you check it out with your eyes before putting it in your headphones.

Brad Hill


  1. I’ve been into internet radio since the mid-90’s, this station is a keeper! All the music you DON’T hear everyday, unlike my local Toledo commercial stations who play the same songs at the same time every day, ad nauseum. Oh, yeah, did anyone mention NO commercials?! Thanks, CDC!

  2. This station has cost me heaps. I have to go to iTunes regularly to buy something that I just heard on CDC
    Did I mention I listen from Australia, thanks CDC

  3. A great mix of standard classic rock, with plenty of deep cuts for full album lovers like me and an occasional shot of some blues. And maybe its just me, but the quality of the sound seems much higher than other internet radio stations. Great job!

  4. This station is wired directly to my rock and roll soul. And like Rod said, I’ve had to buy a bunch of “new” songs that I’ve not heard before. Thank you for being there, CDC!

  5. I have been a regular listener for years. It makes cold, dreary days in northern Wisconsin tolerable. Heard your rant loud and clear today about the greediness of the corporate big wigs. We are with you……….Thanks CDC

  6. Read the sad news on the CDC website, I am speechless.
    CDC has been among my Squeezebox presets since when I discovered it, must have been 2009 or so.
    Thanks a lot for the many hours of awesome music — commercial free. Among the many bands I discovered while listening, I’d cite the caustic George Carlin that I never heard of before from this side of the ocean.

    A HUGE thank you from Italy!

    Keep the spirit up and keep on rockin’ in the free world!

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