Pureplay of the Day: Barock Music

Barock MusicIn browsing Radionomy sites for some new listening, we couldn’t help pausing at the name “Barock Music.” Is this a pun from someone who considers Bach and his contemporaries rock stars? Or is it a strange quirk of translation for the French station? Whatever the source of the name, the music selections are worth a listen in their own right.

As you’d expect, the station centers on the great composers of the Baroque period. We tuned in during a particularly Vivaldi-heavy rotation, but also heard compositions by the lesser-known Domenico Scarlatti, Jean-Baptiste Lully, and Harry Christophers. And yes, we did hear music by Baroque superstar Johann Sebastian Bach.

The mix included a healthy balance of chamber orchestra pieces, smaller ensembles, solo sonatas, and choral works. Since different musicians can have such distinct interpretations of the music, classical music afficionados will appreciate that both the composer and the performers are named in the list of recently played songs. Barock Music is a worthy radio option for fans of this period.

Anna Washenko