Presslaff Interactive Revenue acquired by Second Street

Engagement platform Second Street has acquired email database marketing company Presslaff Interactive Revenue, in a deal whose terms remain undisclosed.

Second Street, co-founded by Matt Coen and Doug Villhard, specializes in promotions and interactive content like quizzes and community sharing. Presslaff, founded by Ruth Presslaff, focuses on email databases for increased customer engagement and loyalty. Both companies share a mission to increase audience insights and marketing knowledge.

Matt Coen’s statement indicates and equitable sharing of knowledge and technology that can benefit both companies. “Ruth Presslaff has been a pioneer in the building and utilization of first party data for decades,” he said. “We look forward to leveraging her expertise on behalf of our partners, and to bringing our own expertise and technology platforms to her clients.”

Same with Ruth Presslaff, who has been a speaker at RAIN Summits. “As I spent time exploring Second Street, it became clear our companies could complement each other beautifully,” she said. “I am excited to be a part of Second Street, to double-down on data and email, and to bring these benefits to our now joint and ever growing customer base.”

Brad Hill