Podtrac Global Delivery metrics (plus RAIN Remix)

Podtrac has issued a new monthly (presumably) ranker of global streams/downloads, and views. The streams/downloads portion is a measure of RSS activity, and the viewing numbers come from YouTube.

As always, Podtrac’s RSS ranking is limited to its measurement clients. YouTube views are publicly visible.

The result is below. Note that the two data sets are combined in the highlighted column: GLOBAL STREAMS, DOWNLOADS & VIEWS.

Because stream totals, and view totals, depend in part on how many shows a network publishes, we are interested in a per-show breakdown. In the RAIN Remix below, we’ve broken out RSS streams and YouTube streams into separate charts:

Here, we see DailyWire rising to the #1 ranker spot, measured by global streams/downloads per show. In the video realm (the top chart), The Daily Wire lands on top, and Sonoro Global Media Corp moves from #2 to #5.


Brad Hill