Podtrac December publisher ranking (now 15 pubs), plus RAIN remix.

Podtrac sent around its monthly Top Podcast Publishers ranker this morning. the expected Top 10 is now Top 15, and Podtrac  promises more expansion in future months.

There is also a new column in the Podtrac ranker, naming an ad sales entity representing publishers on the list which have opted into that listing:

The RAIN Remix

Here at RAIN we enjoy sorting the Podtrac Top Publishers list around the number of Active Shows produced by each publisher. Doing that, we can see a new ranking of average audience size, and average stream numbers, per show for each publisher. There’s no judgment about this. Each one of these publishers is tremendously successful. Piling success into a few shows, and successfully building a large network, are both winning strategies.

Here is the remix for December:

Brad Hill