Podshape takes shape in Melbourne; Jay Walkerden (ex-Nova) launches it

We learned from RadioToday that Jay Walkerden has left Australian radio group Nova, and has started a podcast production and consulting company call Podshape. The exit from nova was apparently not friendly, according to the write-up, but details are short.

Anyway, Podshape is the new venture for the Brisbane executive, who ran the podcast division of Nova.  The new company is working on both branded and wholly original shows, with a handful in the pipeline and a couple already released. One is called Corona Crazy, and covers quarantined individuals who are “affected not infected.” A True Crim show is coming out imminently.

Podshape takes the concept of “shaping” to the max: “We SHAPE the most popular podcasts that can help change the world.” Not much content on the site yet, but you can get more info by filling in a form on the site which is HERE.


Brad Hill