Podchaser (Acast) launches AI Predictive Demographics, seeking to enhance audio targeting

Acast subsidiary and podcast discovery resource Podchaser has launched an AI-driven feature designed to enhance podcast audience targeting based on episode language.

The company describes this innovation as “an industry-first predictive language modeling capability that allows advertisers to refine their podcast audience targeting even further.” The distinguishing feature is the use of AI, as opposed to first-party demographic data, to analyze the language spoken within a podcast to predict the age and gender of its likely audience.

Podchaser says that Predictive Demographics solves a problem for marketers, who — according to a Nielsen marketing report from 2021 — are unsatisfied with first-party demographic output.

Podchaser says that Predictive Demographics solves the problem by supplying advertisers with demographic data for more than five million podcasts around the world. “Now, instead of marketers struggling to apply their own data collections, Podchaser’s AI-driven predictive language modeling accurately predicts the podcasts with the right audiences for their campaign goals,” Podcahser says.

“What this means in short is more comprehensive targeting for advertisers than ever before, and smart, deep demographic coverage for our database of more than five million podcasts,” said Bradley Davis, CEO at Podchaser. “We’re making it possible for advertisers to unlock value from podcasts through an audience-first approach and to ultimately discover podcasts with untapped advertising potential. This in turn helps more podcasters generate more revenue – a win for all.”

The feature enhances the company’s Podchaser Pro tier and is an expansion of its Collections+ targeting capability that launched earlier this year. Collections+ allows advertisers to enhance their targeting capabilities and discover new podcasts that reach their target audiences. Parent company Acast has used Collections Plus to enhance campaigns for over 500 clients.

Acast says that Predictive Demographics is available for “any podcast host, publisher, ad platform, or interested advertiser.”

Brad Hill