AdLarge partners with Barometer for AI analysis of podcast content and brand suitability

AdLarge announces a new partnership with AI-powered brand suitability and contextual targeting company Barometer. The mission is to provide brand suitability and safety guidelines across the AdLarge Podcast portfolio.

Barometer has built an AI engine to analyze podcast content and report on content suitability in alignment with the GARM (Global Alliance for Responsible Media) framework. GARM is a collective of marketers, media agencies, tech companies, and industry associations working to create a framework for identifying potentially harmful content.

In this partnership, Barometer analyzes AdLarge’s podcasts and reports on potentially harmful and sensitive content categories such as violence, hate speech, and suggestive content. Acast says that brands and buyers are now able to review scores immediately on a show they’re interested in buying, based on the content within the episode. Post-campaign checking is available, too.

“AdLarge’s commitment to demanding the highest quality technological solutions for brand suitability and contextual targeting helps push our whole industry into the future by driving advertiser confidence through data,” said Tamara Zubatiy, co-founder and CEO at Barometer. “It’s been a pleasure working with the talented team at AdLarge and we look forward to a continued successful partnership.”

“As podcasting continues to scale, brand suitability and safety are more important than ever before,” added Cathy Csukas, AdLarge CEO. “It’s imperative we provide this level of transparency and accountability to brands as an industry. We’re proud to partner with Barometer and look forward to continuing to bring innovative services to our partners.”


Brad Hill