Podcasts on Substack? $100M worth, and Substack is promoting the features

“Podcasts and video shows are surging on the platform,” Substack asserts in a promotional post which seeks to reset the common perception of the platform as a distributor of written articles.

There is a business rationale behind the pitch, which positions Substack as an added revenue source to podcasting’s traditional advertising model. Substack makes its money through subscriptions which unlock the platform’s hosted content — again, mostly articles. “But now there is a new model,” Substack contends, “based on direct paid subscriptions to podcast and show makers.”


“This model, along with the growth offered by the Substack network, is making new things possible for creators and the types of shows they produce and communities they cultivate.  –Substack promo


To bolster the argument, Substack tallies current podcaster earnings at $100-million annually, a doubling in one year. The number of podcasters, though not disclosed, has also doubled, Substack says.

Interestingly, and testifying to the power of multimedia, Substack says that existing Substack publications which add audio grow their revenue more than 2.5 times as fast as those who haven’t.

All this is background for Substack’s key feature announcement, which is automated distribution to Spotify from Substack. “Substack podcasters can now sync and distribute all their free and paid episodes to Spotify. This highly requested feature makes your podcast instantly available and discoverable via the Spotify network, making it easier than ever to reach and monetize your audience.”

Other features, including custom preview audio, transcripts, and captions, are also part of the offering.



Brad Hill