PodcastOne projects growth and reveals stats in a detailed and graphic investor report

In an interesting and extraordinarily detailed report that merges financials with company performance, acquisition plans with research reports, management profiles with listener demographics, PodcastOne published an investor presentation on the SEC website [HERE].

The company was placed on NASDAQ in September.

The layout of this document resembles the industry research PDFs we see nearly every day, making it easy to glean the company’s financial, strategy, and product details.

Below are basic non-financial metrics that PodcastOne is proud of:

The financial snapshot project a growth story through full-year 2024, anticipating $47-51 million revenue. The adjusted EBITDA of that number is $4-5 million.

Beyond The Finances

We learn some listening stats:

  • 78% of POdcastOne listeners hear more than one PodcastOne podcast.
  • Average number of POdcastOne shows listened to: 4.5
  • The listener gender breakdown is 58 male, 42% female.
  • Average time spent listening per week is (a very high) 11 hours, 20 minutes.
  • The most active age demographic is 25-34.
  • 45% of listeners are college educated.
  • The most prevalent income bracket (less than $55K) is reported by 20% of listeners.

The company’s ad-revenue model is represented by three types:

Additionally, PodcastOne executes specialty packages for advertisers:

  • Custom segments like episode takeovers or mini-shows within podcast episodes
  • Live shows
  • Branded podcasts
  • Social Executions

A case study describes the company’s work with Amazon, driving awareness of AMazon Groceries, resulting in 23-million impressions and a rise in purchasing intent.

Research tidbits for this sprawling report are taken from various sources including Edison Research and MRI-Simmons.

Again, the SEC document is freely available HERE.


Brad Hill