Podcast Taxonomy updates definition of industry roles and responsibilities

Industry group Podcast Taxonomy was founded in January 2021 (see RAIN coverage HERE), serving to define roles and responsibilities in podcast creation. Today we learn of updates. Nine new roles have been added to the group’s definitional whitepaper:

  • Podcast Concept Developer
  • Talent Manager
  • Player
  • Transcriber
  • Music Supervisor
  • Booking Coordinator
  • Community Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Consultant

Also new — “also known as” role titles. There are 11 new entries for jobs that might go by different titles:

  1. Podcast Concept Developer: Managing Producer
  2. Producer: Podcast Project Manager
  3. Host: Co-Host
  4. Guest: Guest Host, Guest Writer
  5. Narrator: Imaging Voice
  6. Player: Game Master
  7. Songwriter: Lyricist
  8. Marketing Manager: Podcast Marketing Coordinator, Podcast Marketer
  9. Assistant: Virtual Assistant

Podcast Taxonomy is run by a Community Board of Directors:

  1. Emilio Moreno, Chief Executive Officer at iVoox
  2. Amber Smith, Audience Development at Slate
  3. Sandra Yee Ling, Vice President of Production at QCODE
  4. Ona Oghogho, Founder of Blk Pod Collective
  5. William White, Staff Product Manager, Podcasts at Pandora
  6. Cole Raven, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Podchaser


Brad Hill