Podcast Radio chooses Triton Digital for streaming ad tech

Podcast Radio, the DAB+ all-podcast radio station in the UK, has hooked up with Triton Digital for the delivery, monetization, and measurement of its online streams.

The most basic aspect of this is the streaming itself — Triton will deliver the  radio streams to online listeners. At the same time, Trion’s online ad server will insert targeted audio ads into those streams, and will  monetize those ads via Triton audio advertising tech which leverages open and private marketplace deals.

When it comes  to measurement of stream delivery and listening, Triton Digital’s Streaming Metrics measurement service will carry the load. That package of tools delivers metrics around daypart listening, devices used, geography, distribution platform, and other stats across smart speakers, computer, phones, and other devices.

“Triton’s audio delivery, monetization, and measurement technology is exceptional, built on more than a decade of continuous innovation, evolution, and expertise as the global audio landscape took shape,” said Gerry Edwards, CEO of Podcast Radio Network. “We are thrilled to have Triton supporting our audio strategy, enabling us to elevate our listening experience while meaningfully increasing our revenue.”

“Podcast Radio Network shares our commitment to making engaging and informative audio content available at the highest quality to the widest audiences,” said Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy at Triton Digital. “We are pleased to provide them with the technology and services they need to increase their reach, enhance the quality of their audio and podcast streams, and increase their revenue.”

Brad Hill