Podcast points of interest

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You can hardly see a podcast article in the past few months that doesn’t include a mention of Serial. Whether Serial is truly galvanizing a new era of podcast awareness and success remains to be known. In the meantime, thousands of other programs exist, and even categories of podcasts.

One podcast category unfamiliar to many is Horror. Wired has a roundup of shows in this genre, including Pseudopod, Nightmare, The NoSleep Podcast, and We’re Alive, which harks back to old-time radio with its full production cast.

PodcastOne, sponsor of this column, has launched a new program this week: Mogul Mom’s Playbook. It brings together Shaunie O’Neal (producer of Basketball Wives) and Stella Bulochnikov, co-founder of Wikked Entertainment. It’s a kids-career-parenting advice show.

Reveal is a reborn podcast that had a soft launch in 2013, and in January emerged from a successful Kickstarter campaign to start production on a monthly investigative news program. The latest episode is “The Secrets of Church, State, and Business.” The producer behind Reveal is Joaquin Alvarado, CEO of the Center for Investigative Research. The podcast is folded into CIR’s journalism on the program website.

Brad Hill