Podcast networking service Wildcast launches to connect hosts & guests for networking

A new podcast networking platform, Wildcast, is launching today to facilitate networking among hosts and guests. The site is operating free of charge for a preliminary launch period — go HERE to visit and register.

The main function is to help podcasts find guests, and the reverse, to help people with knowledge or a message to find podcast guesting opportunities. Beyond that core purpose, the overriding mission is networking of whatever type is helpful to the industry. That includes ad-swapping among podcast producers. Wildcast users can explore, search, and filter those on the platform to add them to their network, message with potential collaborators, and schedule recordings based on a customized calendar.

While this bundle of features seems to keep wildcast apart from the fiercely competitive podcast ad marketplace, that’s not totally off  the radar. From today’s PR: “WhileWildcast is starting with guest and podcast booking as well as ad trades between podcasts, the company hopes to introduce sponsors and other podcast industry segments into the platform in later versions.”

“After working as the Head of Production at a small podcast network,” said Wildcast Co-Founder and CEO, Madison Catania. “I realized there was so much opportunity to streamline the podcasting space for those within the industry; the podcasters, producers, guests, and sponsors. We want to create a space where all parties involved can gather under one ‘camp’ so that they can create better content and ultimately tell better stories together.”

Vancouver/LA podcast network Podcast Nation is a launch advocate, calling Wildcast “the gamechanger that the podcast industry has needed.”

Brad Hill