Podcast listeners well disposed to political ads (Veritonic)

Audio intelligence company Veritonic got interested in political ads in podcasts, and fielded a survey of 333 18+ people in the U.S. All participants self-reported as podcast listeners, and registered voters.

The results of the brief survey indicate the respondents are well disposed to podcast advertising generally, and political spots specifically.

Seventy-one percent of respondents report listening all the way through podcast commercials promoting political candidates — “on a routine or semi-routine basis.” Breaking that down, 16% pay attention all the way through, and 55% at half the time:

And what about persuasion? Veritonic asked whether survey participants could be persuaded by a candidate regardless of political affiliation — an interesting question that isn’t really about attentiveness to podcast ads, but more about how pliable their political convictions are.

Nonetheless interesting, here are the results:


Brad Hill