Podcast.co expands with Cue for brands

Podcast.co, a UK-based hosting and production house, has expanded its work for branded podcasts, and separated the business with a distinct name and website destination: Cue.

The new division specializes in interview shows, and factual narrative podcasts. James Mulvany is the founder and CEO of Cue, as well as Podcast.co. He also started up MatchMaker.fm and Radio.co. 

“It’s a really exciting time to be producing audio, but it’s a crowded market,” Mulvany said, “and many podcasts are failing to reach and retain listeners. Our mission is to give our clients a voice that resonates with the right audiences, by making truly remarkable audio that cuts through the noise. We put quality production values front and centre of everything we do.”

Though Cue is newly identified as a stand-alone business, its work started within Podcast.co and has resulted in brand programs from Roc Nation, Samsung, VICE, Halifax, and others. It hits the ground running as a global company, with offices in UK, Netherlands, and New York.

Brad Hill