Pod Drop (the podcast) drops Episode 8, covering three (strange) new shows

RAIN’s Pod Drop podcast, a unique flash review of new podcasts, released Episode 8 – Heaven Bent, Borrasca, Hope in Darkness.

The three new shows selected for this episode all touch on the unusual and strange. Heaven Bent is a first-person documentary investigating a wave of apparent divine intervnetion in a Canadian church in 1994, starting a movement which continues today. Borrasca is a gloriously produced fiction show starring a group of kids who are investigating the supernatural disappearance of townspeople — the original sound design is incredible. Hope in Darkness relates the dark story of a newly married couple, one of them American, who were abducted from their Venezuelan home and impsoned for two years.

Pod Drop is a five-minute, highly produced audio tour of new podcasts, weaving in excerpts. It is a unique podcast discovery podcast, produced, composed, and narrated by RAIN president Brad Hill. Listen here:

Go to the Pod Drop webpage for other episodes and full text descriptions of the featured podcasts.


Brad Hill