Pineapple Street Studios starts “mystery box” monthly podcast with no set structure

Called The 11th, a new podcast from Audacy-owned Pineapple Street Studios, is starting with a monthly episode release date of  — yes, the 11th of each month. That is the only structure of a show whose producers call a “mystery box.”

Topicality can be all over the map, as can be the length, format, and voices. The first drop happens today. We’re not calling it an episode, because it is four episodes — this show is stretching its freedom muscles from the start. Sensibly, the producers call each drop an “edition,” which feels right to us. The first edition is called The Inbox, and is a documentary treatment of online framing and harassment.

So, to recap: New podcast; monthly drops; first drop is four episodes, each drop is called an edition. (Here it is in Apple.) The producers say the show is “inspired by the experience of opening a magazine you love every month and not knowing exactly what you will get, but trusting that something engaging and true will be there waiting for you.”

The second edition (September 11) will be an exploration of the seminal Fuges album The Score 25 years post-release.

The team behind The 11th is Leila Day, Joel Lovell, Eric Mennel, Jenelle Pifer, Chloe Prasinos, and Kristen Torres, whose collective credits span national magazines, books, news, longform narrative podcasts, music, alt-weeklies, talk shows, and live storytelling.

Brad Hill