People’s Choice Podcast Awards 2021 provide a rich vein of discovery

The 2021 edition of the annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards is out. This program was founded by Todd Cochrane, who started and operates the Blubrry Podcasting hosting platform. Cochrane started the awards as a separate venture; he emphasizes that it is not connected with Blubrry.

This remarkable celebration of podcasting excellence is basically crowdsourced. Podcast listeners and podcasters select all the nominees and all the winners. In the video presentation (archived HERE), Cochrane notes that a staggering 8.2-million listeners participated in the People’s Podcast Awards this year.

(Todd Cochrane is himself a creator; he started podcasting in 2005 and has made over 2,000 episodes across three shows.)

The crowd wisdom which drives this show creates an authentic type of award meritocracy. Further, it provides a nominee-plus-winner list of 300 podcasts across 30 categories that probably are, for the most part, unfamiliar to casual and sporadic listeners. Even podcast enthusiasts can be introduced to dozens of worthy shows by browsing the results list. (It’s HERE.)

The glamour prize is The Adam Curry People’s Choice Award, which was given to¬†Tell ’em Steve-Dave. [Website / Apple]

Below are four categories. The Awards page is thoroughly linked to podcast websites.


Brad Hill