Pandora Premium launches on Xbox One

Pandora announced that it is bringing its paid experience to more gaming fans. Pandora Premium is now available on the Xbox One console from Microsoft. This app update includes standard Premium features such as access to albums, songs, and playlists in a new interface; free, unlimited skips; and Autoplay for continual listening. It also offers background audio support and controls for navigating your music collection on the hardware.

“Millions of gamers have enjoyed Pandora’s personalized music experience on Xbox since our launch in 2014, and our latest app now unleashes Pandora Premium, our effortless on-demand music service,” said Dave Geary, Pandora vice president of business development. “From curating your own gaming playlist with search and play, to accessing personalized soundtracks created just for you, it’s never been faster or easier to find the perfect music to complement your Xbox One gaming experience.”

Anna Washenko