Omny Studio introduces speech-to-audio transcription

Omny Studio has released a speech-to-text tool that will allow radio stations and podcasters to create transcriptions of their content. The feature, leveraging the automatic speech recognition engine from Speechmatics and Amazon Transcribe, includes 29 different language options. The resulting transcriptions can be edited in Omny Studio and exported into subtitle formats. They are also slated to be added to Omny’s embed players and standalone web players in an upcoming upgrade later this year.

“We’re committed to ensuring that we arm our clients with the tools they need to excel in the on-demand audio space,” Omny Studio CEO Sharon Taylor said. “In the first release of this feature, on top of repurposing interviews and breaking news for written articles, radio producers will be able to search through our on-air archive for specific topics or keywords.”

“The automated transcription of audio is an important enabler to growing its discoverability,” said Chris Johnson, Head of Digital Product & Innovation at Southern Cross Austereo, “Omny’s latest transcription capability will not only assist with audio production, but will help optimise audio for search engines, social media and AI platforms.”

Anna Washenko