Offline and music download platform Trebel launches with major label deals

Trebel, a new music app focused on offline listening, announced its official launch in the United States and Mexico. The program has position itself as an option for listeners who currently find offline playback from music video sites or unlicensed platforms. It aims to offer a better listener experience in addition to compensating artists for their licensed works. The company, Trebel Music, is backed by investors Connecticut Innovations and Univision Communications.

In addition to the launch news, Trebel shared that it has inked deals with major labels in both markets to support the platform, including Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. Details of the label arrangements were not disclosed in the press release. The announcement did detail an ad-supported experience, so brands looking to place video and audio ads on the service will likely be Trebel’s primary revenue source at this stage.

Trebel’s feature list also includes reduced mobile battery usage during playback, unlimited offline music storage, background play, and “high quality audio,” although the exact bitrates were not shared.

Anna Washenko