NZME leverages iHeartRadio franchise to dominate Triton’s new NZ Podcast Ranker

Triton Digital has added New Zealand to its region-specific portfolio of measurement trackers for podcasting. Along with The Netherlands, which was also introduced this month, Triton measures the U.S., Latin America, and Australia.

The New Zealand ranker is a portrait of a young and smallish podcast market, dominated by New Zealand Media & Entertainment, a media conglomerate of 50 brands across radio, digital, and print. The company reaches 3.4-million Kiwis per month. Pertinent, to this report, NZME also owns the iHeartRadio franchise in New Zealand, and is represented in Triton’s report as NZME/iHeartRadio.

About 700,000 of them listened to podcasts in September, according to Triton’s report. Only eight networks are represented in the Top Networks portion, and the other seven are non-native to NZ: Audioboom, Stitcher Media, MediaWorks Radio Unlimited, Kast Media, LiSTNR (SCA), Sports Entertainment Network (SEN), and Headgum.

The #2 network is Audioboom, with 251,ooo monthly listeners.

On the downloads side, NZME/iHeartRadio served 3.2-million of them, while #2 Audioboom served 820,000.

The top 100 podcasts are contained in Triton’s list. Six of the top 10 belong to NZME, with Audioboom, LiSTNR, and Stitcher also placing shows.

See the NZ ranker HERE.


Brad Hill