Nielsen enhances its Music Connect product with local break-out of streaming data

nielsen canvasMusic Connect, a Nielsen product for clients who wish to see how music is distributed and consumed, has added local market information to its streaming data set. Music Connect has always tracked radio airplay, streams, and social uptake of music. Adding a local dimension to the national stream tracking allows musicians, labels, and other clients to gauge local performance across Nielsen’s 210 measured markets.

The idea is to give artists and managers a better idea of how local events, like touring or promotional appearances, impact the uptake of music in streaming. Conversely, good local stream performance for an artist can influence a tour itinerary.

“For those in the music industry, the ‘where’ behind the listen is important to find fans and opportunities to develop new ones,” Nielsen said in a statement. “The latest enhancement to our Music Connectdashboard gives users the ability to do just that, breaking out streaming data by over 200 U.S. markets.”

“With users and usage growing week over week, the industry is now relying on the essential insights available in Music Connect,” Nielsen Music GM Erin Crawford said. “The deep market-level streaming and consumption data is just the latest Music Connect enhancement leading the industry. We’re confident that our development road map will continue to deliver more of what people are expecting, as well as some surprises that will reinforce our measurement authority.”

We last heard from Music Connect in April, when its desktop product was expanded to a mobile app.

Brad Hill