New research from describes the U.S. Hispanic digital audio market

Digital audio advertising solutions company has released its Digital Audio in the US Hispanic Market 2019 report. (Free download for name/email: HERE.) The research, performed by consumer intelligence company qriously, sketches the broad strokes of a highly engaged listening population.

Some key bullet points:

  • 62% of respondents listen to internet-delivered radio or music. As a corollary, 61% of respondents spend at least an hour per week listening to digital audio.
  • 49% of the survey population listen to online radio on the way to work.
  • A virality metric: 52% of those who listen to internet radio share content and participate in social networks while they listen.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, the 65+ age group came through the study as the most engaged demo, with 26% of them listening.
  • Unsurprisingly, most listening (80%) happens through phones.

In all this listening, 81% of it is music, with much smaller percentages assigned to news and sports.

Advertising effectiveness is part of this study, with 625 of respondents claiming to have purchased 2-10 products promoted via digital audio advertising in the last year. Along with that, the ad load appears well  accepted by 715 of consumers who rate the ad frequency as scarce or moderate.

Product categories are represented. Technology is of greatest interest (27% of survey participants, followed by appliances and cars. Concert tickets register as interesting to 13% of listeners.

Participants were queried about their favorite listening brands and services. YouTube came out in the lead by far, with nearly 48% of people citing it. Pandora, Spotify, Google Play and iTunes all received double-digit recognition. Two Latin-oriented services are represented in the cohort of services: La Musica (6.1% in the survey) and Uforia (3.9%)

The survey queried 478 individuals in the first week of January — this is fresh data.

Brad Hill