New conference will give academic podcasters a Sound Education

A new event later this year aims to illuminate the educational potential in podcasting. Sound Education is scheduled to take place November 2-3 and is hosted by Ministry of Ideas, a podcast based at Harvard Divinity School. The first day will feature panel presentations and discussions, and the second day will have talks, including a keynote by Dan Carlin of Hardcore History.

The panels cover topics geared toward how the audio format can be applied for academia and teaching, both either a formal or casual student audience. Ideas to be addressed include structure and sound design specifically for educational podcasts, while other panels focus on how to teach specific subjects with audio. Speakers include a mix of specialties, from full-time podcasters to full-time academics and several combinations of those fields. In addition to Dan Carlin, Nick Quah of Hot Pod, Julie Shapiro of Radiotopia, and Jake Shapiro of RadioPublic are also named as speakers.

The website has more information about the programming, speakers, and registration.

Anna Washenko